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Air Deviser Industrial Co., Ltd.

Air Deviser Industrial Co., Ltd.

Air Deviser Industrial Co., Ltd., as signified by its name, is a specialist on air moving device. Our main products are centrifugal blower (sirocco fan) and blower fan wheel. 
With our management vision on the international market, we set up our headquarter in Taiwan and manufacturing center in China. Our work team has more than 15 years of experience in the blower industries and possesses strong capability in R&D and OEM so that we can meet any customer demands. 


Hot Products

AD123AHS-66847(84CFM) ADA120ACS-66833(79CFM) AD117BSP-66501(85CFM) AD120BHS-66590(86CFM) AD096BCS-66401(70CFM) ADP230BCP-66350(59CFM) AD120A-66003(151CFM) Inflatable Blower, Bouncy Castle Fan AD-BF Series